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What is DotNetNuke?

"Content Management System", "Portal" etc...  All terms are used with web systems nowadays, but for the "non-techie", these terms may be confusing.

Would you like a website that you can manage yourself in real time from anywhere in the world where you only need access to the internet without having to call a web designer or a programmer?  Then DotNetNuke is the solution.

What is DotNetNuke?
From the Business viewpoint, it's a very low-cost way to present your services and products to your customers over the internet on a web site you manage yourself.   You can do this without hiring expensive contractors to build a web site for you.  The low cost is one attractive feature, but even more important is that you can change your web site anytime you wish to keep it fresh and relevant.  That's right - you don't have to rely on anyone but you and your staff to keep your web site current and relevant.  Or, if you'd rather hire someone to do that for you, it will be much less expensive than other options due to the ease with which they can change your site for you.  There are also many features available for you to "plug in" to your site.

To Summarize:

DotNetNuke is low cost, lets you manage the content on your web site even if you are not technically adept and provides many plug-in modules you can use to show your best face to your clients and enhance web interaction with them.

DotNetNuke Up Close (Click Here)

Nova Scotia Day of DNN was the first DotNetNuke event held in Canada!  Thank you to all our sponsors, speakers and guests :) ack!